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Bio - Eric
Owner and Lead Trainer
Throughout his professional life, Eric has been associated with public service through working as a paramedic and fireman. In his various roles, he naturally assumes the position of a trainer. This ability to serve as a trainer to other people has transferred to his ability to train animals. In his training work, he most appreciates the effect that he has on the dogs and his positive influence on their lives. For Von Drogo, Mr. Oaks’s primary role will be in the pipeline leak detection business. He will also be responsible for the majority of the dog training side of the business. His tasks will include training, sourcing suitable training dogs, hiring additional trainers, and researching.

Bio - Steffani
Owner Trainer
Steffani currently works with visually impaired individuals on how to navigate through their daily lives with and without the use of guide dogs. While working in this industry, she has developed professional relationships with administrators of lowincome housing units, many of whom are in need of bed bug detection services. In addition to managing these relationships, Ms. Oaks will oversee the kennel while Mr. Oaks is working on job sites.

Richard is currently an active firefighter. Mr. Beardsley is comfortable working with dogs and has experience training dogs for hunting. After successfully completing his pipelin detection training, Mr. Beardsley leads the second team in pipeline detection.

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 888-250-9063        info@vdkdetection.com